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I am thinking of installing solar thermal panels at some point, but not straight away. Do I need a twin-coil cylinder?

Yes, to harness the solar gain generated by the solar panels you will need to opt for a twin-coil cylinder at some point. So it is probably best to address this sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary costs.

There are two coils inside as the name suggests; one for the solar thermal and one connected to the boiler and what it does mean is that when you decide to fit the solar panels, you won’t need to change the cylinder as it will be ready to connect straight away. The cylinder will usually also have an immersion heater fitted that can be used to heat the water if the boiler is turned off for any reason. In the meantime, the twin coil cylinder will work just as effectively with just your boiler.


In the video below Geoff will tell you more about hot water cylinders and renewables.

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